8 Amazing Nonfiction Christian Books You Will Love

Christian Literature is as varied as it is old. Since the religion stems from the gospels, it only makes sense for others to follow this tradition and create writings of their own.

This has resulted in a huge amount of different literature over the course of time, from fiction that uses the lives of Christians as a way to convey a story, to nonfiction books written to help others navigate the labyrinth of philosophy and faith.

8 Amazing Nonfiction Christian Books You Will Love

So let’s say you’re looking for some amazing nonfiction Christian books. Where can you start with this? Are these some that are must-reads?

If you’re wondering about this, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to take you through a list of 8 incredible nonfiction Christian books to help you connect with the religion.

From books that consider important questions around theology, to those that examine the historicity of scripture, we’ve made sure to include a wide variety so you’ll find something you enjoy.

We’ve also included a short Frequently Asked Questions section to help answer any questions you may have left over at the end. So let’s get straight into it! 

8 Nonfiction Christian Books

1. Days Of Awe And Wonder: How To Be A Christian In The Twenty-First Century By Marcus J. Borg

Christianity has changed a lot since its inception. With so many different sects and practices over the centuries, it can feel overwhelming as a person following the religion or trying to learn more about it in the 21st century.

If you’re looking for a modern perspective on the theology, practices, and philosophy of modern Christianity, then this book by Marcus J. Borg is a great choice for you.

In this short book, Borg explores many different aspects of Christianity and introduces them to some of the foundational beliefs of the gospels, and how they relate to the modern age.

This is a great place to start, whether you’re a Christian yourself, or just somebody who wants to learn more about the religion. 

2. They Walked With God: 40 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us By Max Lucado

If you’re looking for something that will give you a quick overview of various bible characters, then this is a great book for you.

The Bible is packed with all kinds of different figures who have interacted with God in different ways.

This book examines some of the most interesting and important ones, offering some great insight into their stories and how they can inspire Christians in the modern day. 

3. The God Who Stays: Life Looks Different With Him By Your Side By Matthew West

This is a great nonfiction book if you’re looking for guidance in your modern life. One of the most positive aspects of Christianity is the concept of God as a supportive and all-loving figure.

This book explores these aspects of God and offers stories from scripture as a way of explaining how this relationship manifests in the modern lives of Christians.

Matthew west is a great author who manages to balance precise, contemplative prose, with a good dusting of humor and wit.

All in all, you’ll find this book a relatable and easy read with some important information about Christianity inside. 

4. Breath As Prayer: Calm Your Anxiety, Focus Your Mind, Renew Your Soul By Jennifer Tucker

Prayer and or meditation is a practice shared across the world by all kinds of different religions.

By calming one’s mind and attempting to connect with the spiritual realm – no matter what religion that is – we are able to gain comfort and new perspectives.

If you’re interested in the idea of Christian prayer, then this is going to be a great book for you. 

Breath of prayer leads readers through the practice of Christian breath prayer, as well as many others within Scripture that create a close connection to Christ.

With over 80 breath prayers, full-color illustrations, and some scientific information as to why prayer is effective – this is a great choice to either learn more about prayer or as a gift to someone else who might need it. 

5. At The Table With Jesus: 66 Days To Draw Closer To Christ And Fortify Your Faith By Louie Giglio

At the Table with Jesus is a book that attempts to bring you closer to Christ in your everyday life.

Written by Louie Giglio, it attempts to guide readers to build habits that reflect Christ and other important Christian teachings.

It uses sections of scripture to help the reader throughout their journey, using the table as a way to understand who Jesus is and why he’s so important in everyday life. 

6. Excavating The Evidence For Jesus: The Archaeology And History Of Christ And The Gospels By Titus M Kennedy

So we’ve already covered some books that take a look at the inner workings of modern Christian practices—but what if you want to learn more about the history of the Bible?

This book by Titus M Kennedy takes a look at the historical evidence for Jesus Christ. This is an important part of faith, as modern Christians often need evidence to back up their beliefs.

Jesus is one of the most important historical figures, but how does he look within the historical landscape? 

Titus M Kennedy is an archaeologist and uses this book to put much of his research down on the page.

When you open it you will be presented with a chronological path through the gospels, with reference to historical findings that corroborate (and sometimes, conflict with) Christian beliefs.

In short, this is a vital book to understand how certain aspects of Christianity fit within our understanding of history. 

7. On This Day In Christian History: 365 Amazing and Inspiring Stories About Saints, Martyrs and Heroes By Rober J. Morgan

Another great choice for somebody interested n Christian History, is this book by Robert J. Morgan. Between these pages, you will find 365 snapshots from some of the most important Christians in history.

Many of them are considered heroes, martyrs, or saints, and all of them are sure to give better context to the incredible feats and actions of those who have followed Christ throughout history. 

8. Christian History Made Easy (Rose Bible Basics) By Timothy Paul Jones

For the final book on our list, we have a simple guide that aims to teach you everything you’ll need to know about Christian history in a simple and easy way.

Coming in at only 244 pages, this book attempts to teach you all there is to know about Christian History in 12 easy-to-follow chapters. 

We particularly like how it’s a full-color book with some great resources including websites, maps, illustrations, worksheets, and photos.

This is a great choice for anyone who wants to work through Christian History and get a good understanding of it all without too much difficulty. There’s also a Kindle Edition so you can check it out in Ebook format too! 

Final Thoughts

So that was our list of the 8 best Nonfiction Christian books that you’re bound to love!

Each one of them offers a different perspective and avenue into the faith, so we’d recommend checking them all out if you have the time!

However, if you’re looking for a specific angle on Christianity, then you should go with the one that interests you most. 

We hope that our guide has told you everything you wanted to know about the best nonfiction Christian books you can purchase today.

If you still have some questions, make sure to check below for our short Frequently Asked Questions section.

We wish you the best of luck in your Christian reading journey, whether you’re a Christian yourself, or just somebody who wants to learn more about the religion! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Important Part Of The Bible To Learn About For A Christian?

The most important part of the Bible to learn about for a Christian is the life of Jesus Christ.

This is captured in the Gospels (otherwise known as the New Testament), the second part of the Bible that chronicles the life of Jesus as well as his most important teachings.

Christianity is based upon his teachings, so it is vital to learn more about this first of all.

Is It Okay To Read Harry Potter As A Christian?

A common question for Christians is what they are allowed to read outside of the Bible and other religious literature.

The truth is that fiction, such as the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, shouldn’t be considered sinful as it is fiction.

Although there are parts of the series that could be considered separate from Christianity—especially the morality of certain characters—this doesn’t mean that a Christian can’t read it and enjoy it for what it is.

Generally, you should enjoy any book you pick up and consider it with a Christian pair of eyes!

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