11 Amazing Non Fiction Pirate Books You Will Love

A lot of action and excitement may be found in the historical accounts of true swashbucklers. From the blooming golden era of pirates to the catastrophic anti-piracy maritime war.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for in-depth biographies of legendary pirates like Blackbeard or a more general overview of the pirate way of life.

11 Amazing Non Fiction Pirate Books You Will Love

Pirates may be enjoyed in popular films such as Pirates of the Caribbean. Yet, there are various non-fiction books that help you gain a deeper insight into their true stories.

We have collected together 11 amazing non-fiction pirate books that we know you are going to love.

1. Under The Black Flag: The Romance And The Reality Of Life Among The Pirates By David Cordingly

This thrilling narrative of the height of pirates is jam-packed with interesting background information and high seas action.

The legendary tales of Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, the tough female brigand’s Anne Bonny and Mary Read are included.

As well as other outlaws who rode and robbed on the most perilous waters in the world. They are brought to life by renowned pirate specialist David Cordingly. 

The weapons they employed, the ships they navigated, and the tactics they employed are all described here in exhilarating detail.

Additionally, Under the Black Flag follows the exploits of fictitious pirates like Long John Silver and Captain Hook. 

This book, which is the best source of information on the subject, is both fascinating and enormously enjoyable.

2. The Republic Of Pirates By Colin Woodard

The little-known story of a valiant crew of Caribbean pirates is revealed in this book. The Pirate Republic was home to legendary captains like Blackbeard, Charles Vane and “Black Sam” Bellamy at the beginning of the 18th century.

Sailors, solders, and fugitive slaves were among them as well as other pirates. 

Collectively, this “Flying Gang” created a democracy that brazenly challenged colonial power in the Bahamas.

Here, slaves had the right to free labor, black people could become full citizens, and elected officials could be removed. This Republic’s period of success was as fleeting as it was spectacular.

3. Pirate Nation By David Childs

Despite the beautiful mythology that surrounds Queen Elizabeth I’s court, her rule had some shady financial foundations.

Elizabeth’s decision to seize foreign riches made her popular at home, but it also led her into alliances with pirates. 

The Queen’s maritime laws were completely arbitrary because they determined whether to punish or reward pirates depending on the size of her cut.

This book provides insightful information about Elizabethan naval policy in practice.

In this book, you’ll learn that pirates kept the Armada off the shore in 1588 when the nation was in the most danger. While, the practice of piracy also taught English sailors how to fight.

4. Blackbeard By Craig Cabell, Graham A. Thomas And Allan Richards

This book delves into the mythology of Edward Teach Blackbeard, a renowned figure from the heyday of piracy.

Blackbeard does not always have the most accurate historical reflection due to the abundance of stories about his gruesome adventures.

The purpose of this book is to reveal the real man behind the legend by examining how piracy and the naval operations waged against it shaped him.

The story concentrates on the roles performed by Lieutenant Robert Maynard of HMS Pearl, who led the pursuit and eventually cornered Teach and his crew.

Alongside the Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, who planned the pursuit and death of Blackbeard.

5. The History Of Piracy By Philip Gosse

One of the most significant books on the topic is The History of Piracy. It takes readers on a thrilling journey of money, fame, and foolishness.

As it charts the evolution of pirates from its early origins to its ultimate death.

Readers will come across a memorable cast of looting characters in this thorough study on the “profession” of being a pirate.

These pirates posed a threat even to the most powerful countries on the high seas. 

Find out who these pirates were, what they did, and eventually why they vanished. This book describes the values, standards of conduct, and taboos of the world’s seafaring outlaws.

6. The Buccaneer King By Graham A. Thomas

Welshman Captain Sir Henry Morgan became one of the most vicious and ruthless pirates of the heyday of piracy. While many of his colleagues were persecuted and slain, he was regarded as a hero of England. 

What distinguished Morgan from his fellow pirates, who was given both an English knighthood and a governorship in Jamaica?

This autobiography delves deeply into the fascinating and remarkable life of Sir Henry Morgan.

7. Pirate Killers By Graham A. Thomas

Bartholomew Roberts, dubbed the “King of the Pirates,” along with numerous other pirates, were murdered by the Royal Navy in the early 19th century off the Africa coast.

Numerous others were put to death by the Admiralty Court once Roberts’ fleet was captured. 

The terrorization of ships in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean was simply a way of life for the pirates.

Prior to the Royal Navy beginning one of the most successful anti-piracy efforts in history, the activity of pirates remained unavoidable for centuries. 

This book gives you a great insight into what the Royal Navy did to get a foothold onto pirates during the 19th century. 

8. Raiders And Rebels: The Golden Age Of Piracy By Frank Sherry

Pirates looting ships loaded with the wealth of Africa, India, South America, and the Caribbean cruised the world’s oceans between 1692 and 1725.

These rebel personalities and their violent deeds have long been glorified in fiction and movies. Where they are frequently portrayed as larger-than-life characters. 

The truth of these outlaws is explained and explored in this book.

These outlaws were frequently regular men and women trying to escape the economic and social constraints of 18th-century America and Europe.

Their actions put empires’ security and the beginnings of global trade in danger.

Together, they created a shockingly democratic society that was strong enough to overcome the rest of the globe, the author claims.

9. Captain Kidd By Craig Cabell, Graham A. Thomas And Allan Richards

One of the more controversial and eye-opening incidents in the lengthy history of piracy is the death of Captain William Kidd on May 23, 1701.

Kidd has become one of the most fascinating and misunderstood people from the heyday of piracy.

This is due to the mystique that has developed surrounding his final journey, his hidden wealth, and the questionable manner of his sentencing. 

Kidd has been said to be one of the most dreaded pirates to have sailed the high seas. Thus, either he was a lawful privateer or he was a cruel pirate.

Yet his tale is convoluted and unclear. This important new biography of Kidd’s life and seagoing career reexamines the man and his reputation, which is engrossing to read

10. A General History Of The Pyrates By Daniel Defoe

The infamous pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy are profiled in this book from 1724, together with the background information, tales, and mythology that surround them.

A General History of the Pyrates, includes biographies of Blackbeard, Edward Teach, Black Bart, Jolly Roger, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Calico Jack, and many others. 

This book has not only served as the foundation for many of our current understandings of pirate culture. Yet it also had an impact on writers of pirate fiction like J. M. Barrie and Robert Louis Stevenson.

11. Blackbeard: America’s Most Notorious Pirate By Agus Konstam

None of the colorful pirates who roamed the seas in search of booty in the early 18th century’s Golden Age of Piracy was more vicious or infamous than Blackbeard.

As infamous as Blackbeard’s brutal profession was, much of his life has remained a mystery up until this point.

This book draws on detailed descriptions of Blackbeard’s life from the few and lucky surviving victims of his. Konstam also looks back at Blackbeard’s career and provides a fascinating look at the business and life of piracy.

In addition to the allure of this terrible and bloody enterprise by presenting dramatic descriptions of the pirate’s highly efficient techniques and his reputation for cruelty.


Pirates aren’t just made to believe and found in the films. Learning about the real life pirates that used to sail the seas can be quite interesting.

Apart from the famous pirates we know about, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn surrounding the other pirates that had a big impact on our history as well. 

We hope you have enjoyed this article. We have given you 11 amazing non-fiction pirate books that we know you are going to love.

Each of these books will give you a better insight into the lives of pirates and how they gained the reputation that they did.

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